As a homeowner, I am always on the lookout for new and better ways to keep my house clean. While I love my big vacuum, there are some messes that just aren’t big enough for a full-sized vacuum, and forget about lugging that big thing up and down stairs to clean them.

I had a small vacuum cleaner in the past, but I was ready for something better, and so I began to do some homework.

eureka hand-held vacuumA Eureka 71B hand-held vacuum review pointed me toward this interesting machine and I took it from there, seeking information on how it worked and performed.

Here is what I found out about the Eureka 71B hand-held vacuum.

What to Look for in a Hand-Held Vacuum

Before I even started to check out the features on the Eureka it had to meet my price and value approval. After that, the things I wanted from a hand vacuum were:

  •  Bagless collection with dust filter
  • Long chord for easy access
  • Strong suction
  • Attachments for hard to reach places, and high areas
  • Compact design and easy chord storage
  • Great Power at a Great Price

As always I’m looking for the best vacuum for the money. Cost is always a factor, but cheap isn’t a good value if the item doesn’t perform. However, I really feel that the Eureka 71B hand-held vacuum is a really great value for the price. It is very affordable, and still has many fantastic features, not the least of which is the 5.5 amps of power that fuels this baby.
I always check for the best prices, and the Eureka 71B Hand-Held is available there for the fantastic price of $38.99. That’s a fantastic savings over retail suggested price of $59.99. That plus the great features and power of this little vacuum make it a must have in my book.

Big Vacuum Features in a Small Body 

What I really loved the most about the Eureka vacuum is that it was much more than a simple suction unit. It looks and feels like a big vacuum cleaner in a small lightweight case. It has a canister that you carry like most hand vacuums, but the suction end is shaped like a vacuum cleaner head with roller brush and everything to really get into carpet and pick up debris.

Along with the fantastic power of the roller head, the Eureka 71B has a small hose attachment, a true scaled-down version of the big vacuum, so that you can get into crevices easier, and handle tight spots with ease. The hose is flexible and stretches to three times its regular length to really get you to where the mess is. You can even use the hose nozzle to get at nasty cobwebs in the corners and on the ceiling.

Space-Age Design

One look at this small vacuum cleaner will tell you it is unique. It has a European look with its curved design, and blunt-nosed vacuum head. The handle is curved right into the top of the unit, and the flexible attachment nozzle is wrapped up over the back of the handle.
It is clean and sharp looking, but of course, looks have to follow function. Everything about the way the 71B is designed is in order to make it a high-performance hand vacuum—looks just came naturally.

Riser Visor Eliminates Contortions

You can’t get more “space-age” than this. The top cover of the rotating brush nozzle actually lifts up when vacuuming upright surfaces. That means if you want to do drapes, or the risers on stairs, you can just hold the vacuum the way you normally would, and the lift the visor up to expose the brush vertically. Why is that so great? The riser visor means no more contortions trying to bend and maneuver a hand-held vacuum into upright or tight areas.

Clean Everything Better and Easier

Some of the things I would have never considered using a hand vacuum for in the past are fast and easy work with the powerful little 71B. I can clean out my oven, getting into those tight holes where crumbs and other dirt can fall inside the area and are hard to get out. I also like the fact that I could use the Eureka 71B to clean car upholstery and carpets. With the wand I could even get underneath the seats. That’s something I haven’t been able to do unless I lugged my full-size vacuum out to the garage in the past.
Because the 71B is so light, it would be perfect to carry on car trips, or even take out to the boat and clean up after a fun day on the water. You can take it anywhere you have access to electricity.

Bagless Ease

Of course, in today’s market, a vacuum has to be bagless. Who wants to mess around with bags anymore? Even though my old-fashioned model of hand vacuum was also bagless, even way back when they first came out, those early models didn’t often include filters. It was just a catch bin of sorts.

The Eureka hand-vacuum has a filter over the intake that traps particles and keeps them from being thrust back into the air. The filter is easy to get at and clean. Just pop off the canister, slip out the filter and use another vacuum to clean it or wash it in clear water (no solutions or soap) to get it really clean. As with any vacuum filter, make sure it is completely dry before putting it back in the vacuum and using it.
To get rid of the debris the vacuum picked up, just dump the canister. It’s as easy as that. Once empty, the canister snaps right back into place. No clips or pins to break or mess around with.

Dual-Position Switch for Optimum Performance

Like a big vacuum, the little Eureka 71B has a switch position for both the powerful brush head, and the flexible nozzle. When using the nozzle and attachments, the switch belongs in the “suction only” position. When using the vacuum brush head, it should be in “moving brush roll” position to power up the roller for heavy duty penetration into thick carpeting.
The control switch is in an easy to reach place where you can work it without moving your hand from the grip. It’s a slider you can move with your thumb with ease as you continue about your chores.

Out of the Way Chord

Nothing is more aggravating than a bunch of chord that has to be wrapped around the vacuum, and slides around or gets caught on everything when it’s in storage. The Eureka 71B takes care of that with ease. The electric chord wraps neatly around the base of the unit in a recessed groove so it isn’t loose or easily hooked on items so it can come undone.

Extras, Extras—Read All About Them

The Eureka hand-held 71B comes with a crevice tool that is the perfect size for small jobs. It stores neatly in a compartment on the back of the unit which makes it great for easy access. It slips on the flexible hose nozzle to get into tight places, up against walls or even in the creases of draperies or clothing.
With all of the great features of the Eureka 71B you’d think that would be enough for one design, but there’s more. You can get extra attachments such as computer suction attachment to get at the dust and dirt inside your computer fans and keyboard.


The one problem I find with the Eureka 71B is that it isn’t a chargeable unit, so you must have an electrical outlet available. Most of the time, that’s not going to be a problem, and with the 20 foot cord; it’s not likely you’ll ever run into a situation where you can’t reach what you want to clean up. However, if they ever make this as a re-chargeable vacuum, I’m going to be in heaven.

What Users Have to Say about the Eureka Hand-Held 71B

Right out of the gate it was easy to see that people who bought and used the Eureka hand-held 71B were in love with their device. On alone there were 1,257 reviews, a huge amount of consumer reviews even for their fantastic site. Out of all of those reviews, a massive 1,125 were 4 and 5 star reviews singing the praises of the machine. Some of the remarks consumers had about the Eureka 71B are:

“I thought the riser visor was silly until I started using it. It is great! There’s no stopping, or twisting to get at hard to reach areas either horizontally or vertically.”

“Awesome vac. Perfect for stairs and small jobs.”

“I was slackjawed with amazement to see the sheer amount of cat hair the little machine got up. It’s a great little machine and I will recommend it from the housetops.”

“Handy and powerful. Sucks dirt like anything!”

This is the best vacuum for the money in my book. It has everything from power to looks at a very affordable price.

Where Can I Get The Best Price

We checked regularly for this hand held vacuum and by far the best price has always been at Amazon.  You can get it at 35% off plus free shipping. You better hurry and get yours now while they have some in stock.

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Uses of Forskolin

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Does Forskolin Belly Buster Work?

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When Will Results Start to be Noticed?

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Specialists Recommendation

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Margaret G.Palo Alto, CA    

puttind drillsIt doesnt matter if you are a new golfer or a trained veteran, you can always improve your game by taking time to perform putting drills. Putting is an extremely important part of golf, and if you are lacking in putting, you may find your scores will not improve.

In this article we are going to break down a few different putting drills for you to try, as well as pointing out why each of them is important for you to learn. Lets get started.

The following putting drills are based on the three basics of golf below.

  • Keeping a solid and square face
  • Always maintaining a smooth swing
  • Mastering your distance control

Keeping a Solid and Square Face

Many golfers have different types of swings and if you like to hit the ball with the blade open or closed, this putting drill may be right for you.

While on the green place the ball on the ground and then place a tee into the ground approximately twelve to fourteen inches behind it. Now you should lay a coin or tee (something you can easily see), about six inches in front of the ball. Take your putter and bring it back until it taps the tee, then swing your club forward. While doing this, you should be watching to make sure the face stays square over the coin or tee that you previously placed on the ground to marker your swing.

Always Maintaining a Smooth Swing

One area that many golfers struggle with, is the ability to continually produce a smooth swing.

Through the use of consistent golf putting drills, you will continue to train your body and mind to move in one smooth motion when swinging the putter. The secret to striking the ball at a normal and accurate consistently, you must master the art of swinging in one smooth motion.

To practice this putting drill, place the ball on the ground, then using a tee as a marker, place the tee into the ground roughly 12 inches behind the ball. In one motion, take the club all the way back to the tee, then go right into your fore-swing.

Your hand will act as a pendulum and the club will be all the weight you need. You can continually test and play with this drill until you master a smooth swing with accurate consistency.

Mastering Your Distance Control

Do you often have problems deciding on how hard to hit the ball in relation to the distance the ball needs to travel? This putting drill will help with your distance control.

To measure the distance of our putting drills, you will want to place a few tees into the ground, roughly four or five feet away from each other, while keeping the last one around 20 feet away.

The concept behind this training, is that you will want to be able to consistently hit the ball to each of the individual tees. You should also keep performing this drill until you have a good handle on reaching each of the tee locations.

Putting Everything Your Learned into Action

No one really enjoys training in any sport, but its the work and time we put into our training, that shows when we are playing in a real game. Take the time to training with the putting drills we covered above, and you will continue to see improvement in your online golf game.


Bamboo flooring has different styles and colors. They are categorized as natural and carbonized color. During the boiling process, color is determined. Natural bamboo color comes out in a creamy blonde color that adds brightness to an interior. Carbonized bamboo, on the other hand, is characterized by its smoky, caramel hue which is the result of a longer boiling process. This causes the Starches left in the bamboo to caramelize. Take note that by the end of the following boiling processes, the natural remains to be the harder bamboo flooring. The bamboo’s hardness is reduced by 30% by the Carbonization process. Both colors of bamboo flooring can still be regarded as being hard as some hardwood kind.  

The distinction between the two categories of bamboo flooring colors subsists on a spectrum. There are further shade differences within the natural and carbonized subsets and these make one batch of bamboo lighter or darker than the other, hence, Subtle Shades of bamboo floors. Your sales representative could help and tell you how to manage the Variance of your bamboo floor. Distributors often position batches of bamboo depending on the color and on the grade of bamboo flooring. It's also worth noting that bamboo floors are extremely easy to keep clean.  Vacuuming your hardwood flooring is the easiest way, but you can also rent or buy a wood floor steam cleaner to keep them looking nice as well. 

Carbonization is a process similar to that of caramelizing sugar. When you heat the sugar, it becomes balmy and amber in color. The longer the sugar is heated the darker the sugar gets. The bamboo can stand up to high heat for long periods of time. Bamboo fibers become darker because of the heat. The coloring can be operated by managing how long or how short the bamboo stays in contact with heat and how hot the bamboo is allowed to get. While subtle, the bamboo could remain in heat for long periods of time and get yellowish-brown in colors. Honey colors, on the other hand, are reached at lower temperatures for short periods of time. The carbonization process changes the structure and composition of your bamboo and somewhat still remains a strong flooring choice. The strength is not and will not be compromised to the peak of it being a deciding factor on whether or not to use bamboo for your floor.

Some manufacturers will make use of stains or dyes to achieve a wide array of colors. This is done after the bamboo planks have been made. This dying or staining process of coloring has no effect on the strength of the bamboo in any manner. It allows consumers to have a larger variety of colors to choose from.

Carbonization and dying are two coloring processes that allow bamboo floor manufacturers to offer a rainbow of colors or a wide range of colors to consumers. These options increase the growing popularity of bamboo flooring in the market and in turn, can renew any place for attractiveness and practicality. In this way, you will gain both the time it would take to maintain many other types of floor, as well as the many compliments you’ll receive from other people especially your visitors.

Being a criminal nowadays is a matter of getting the correct information without being discovered that and uses that to your benefit. That's the way in which the ID theft process work. I.D. theft is a crime wherein someone else obtains and uses another person's private information for needs of crime or deception. But the key purpose is for gaining money and finances to take advantage of products or services. The more acute and wicked cases is when your fiscal identity like Mastercard, account and phone-card numbers, are the ones being used. It can be noted that your private permits burglars to profit at your cost. This is in opposition to your fingerprints that can't be simply copied or taken. In many cases, victims aren't even aware that their identity has been robbed until perhaps some months or years on.


The consequences of being an ID theft victim are also pretty devastating. You'll be faced with the necessity to close poor credit accounts, making an attempt to mend them or open newer ones. In the midst, you not only need a bit of time to get on with all of these but also sufficient bucks to try to cough up debits amassed and newer ones opened. So long as you haven't finished all of the wants and have not cleared you name, you may be denied roles, loans, education, housing, and transport. For worst case scenarios, you may even get arrested for the crime you didn't commit far less know about. The trauma that can spring from the experience isn't simply forgotten too. The experience of thousands of victims is that it frequently takes months, even years, to recover.

According to the Fed. Bureau of Investigation , ID theft is the swiftest growing crime in the US alone. The undeniable fact that more and more folks are reporting cases of I. D. theft and how they became victims can testify to conclusion manufactured by that dept. In the year 2002, 10,000,000 folk became victims of this crime. And an approximate 27.3 million US people have been reported to be victims of the various sorts of ID theft in the past five years. Billions of bucks worth of losses have also been noted which can sometimes be traced to ID theft. I.D. theft is the number 2 most reported crime to the government. These numbers are sufficient to make you consider I. D. theft as a major crime that's getting more rampant every day. Ever since this sort of crime had been noted in the early 1970's, counteractions are being done. But however intense are measure are, there's truly no getting thru the minds of these burglars. There are essentially 2 kinds of I. D. theft. The 1st and most typical is when anyone uses your Visa card info.

Your info have been gotten if it was mislaid. It may also be because of slovenly handling by an employee of a company where you employed the Mastercard to make a purchase. They can also use your SSID number when getting a job or your driver's license to get a copy copy. The advancing technology of today doesn't help any. Except for that, ID theft can be planned and executed easier on the internet. All of these burglars have to do is pay a charge to an info broker to get a person's Social Security number. Online databases also have in them address info, while someone's mother's surname can be found in obituaries or other public documents. Glaringly , bills are sent to a different address so they won't get to you and you'll start to panic. Understanding and having enough information about identity theft can be your prevention measure. Be cautious and aware so you won't be among people who have suffered the effects of this crime.

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